Predicting plant-soil feedback in the field: meta-analysis reveals that competition and environmental stress differentially influence PSF.

KK Beals, JAM Moore, SN Kivlin, SLJ Bayliss, CY Lumibao, LC Moorhead, M Patel, JL Summers, IM Ware, JK Bailey, JA Schweitzer.

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (2020) PDF

Intraspecific trait variation across elevation predicts a widespread tree species' climate niche and range limits.

ME Van Nuland, JB Vincent, IM Ware, LO Mueller, SL Bayliss, KK Beals, JA Schweitzer, JK Bailey.

Ecology and Evolution (2020) PDF

Assessing the effects of elephant foraging on the structure and diversity of an Afrotropical forest.

C Rosin, KK Beals, MW Belovitch, RE Harrison, M Pendred, MK Sullivan, N Yao, JR Poulsen.

Biotropica (2020) PDF

Feedbacks link ecosystem ecology and evolution across spatial and temporal scales: Empirical evidence and future directions.

IM Ware, CR Fitzpatrick, A Senthilnathan, SLJ Bayliss, KK Beals, LO Mueller, JL Summers, RC Wooliver, ME Van Nuland, MT Kinninson, EP Palkovics, JA Schweitzer, JK Bailey.

Functional Ecology (2019) PDF

Biogeography of plant-associated fungal symbionts in mountain ecosystems: A meta-analysis.

SN Kivlin, JS Lynn, MR Kazenel, KK Beals, JA Rudgers.

Diversity and Distributions (2017) PDF

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

photo credit: Kendalll Beals