Assessing the effects of elephant foraging on the structure and diversity of an Afrotropical forest.

C Rosin, KK Beals, MW Belovitch, RE Harrison, M Pendred, MK Sullivan, N Yao, JR Poulsen

Biotropica (2020) PDF

Feedbacks link ecosystem ecology and evolution across spatial and temporal scales: Empirical evidence and future directions.

IM Ware, CR Fitzpatrick, A Senthilnathan, SLJ Bayliss, KK Beals, LO Mueller, JL Summers, RC Wooliver, ME Van Nuland, MT Kinninson, EP Palkovics, JA Schweitzer, JK Bailey

Functional Ecology (2019) PDF

Biogeography of plant-associated fungal symbionts in mountain ecosystems: A meta-analysis.

SN Kivlin, JS Lynn, MR Kazenel, KK Beals, JA Rudgers

Diversity and Distributions (2017) PDF

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

photo credit: Kendalll Beals